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Why Bother With Bearings?

Wheel bearings are essential to the reliable function of all trailers, caravans, campers & boat trailers etc. They allow the wheels to rotate freely over thousands of kilometres by providing lubricated, rotating surfaces between the wheel hub and the axle it is mounted on.

The bearings are grease lubricated & over time the grease can be contaminated by water, dust & dirt as well as generally deteriorate, making it less effective.

Salt water contamination especially, will quickly cause the bearing surfaces to corrode, leading to bearing failure.

Bearing failure or breakage can lead to accidents, cause serious damage to your trailer or caravan & leave you stuck by the roadside. Also if your bearings cause an accident and they have not been serviced regularly, your insurer may refuse to pay out on your claim, leaving you out of pocket.

Regular maintenance will keep your bearings in top shape & prevent unforseen blowouts!

Bearing failure can be dangerous, costly and highly inconvenient! Regular servicing is your best insurance against unforseen blowouts

When Should You Service Bearings?

Trailer & Caravan manufacturers recommend that wheel bearings be services at least every 10,000km or 12 months.

More frequent servicing may be required if the trailer/caravan is exposed to salt water, high temperatures or rough terrain. ,